Knowledge is Power

In an active market it is easy to get confused about what your home is worth. What if your homeowners insurance isn't sufficient to buy you a home of like size or value. Maybe you have been assessed too much on your taxes. Perhaps your just curious if one of your largest investments is still holding its value. 

Texas is a non-disclosure state which means you don't have to tell the appraisal district how much you paid for your home and neither do your neighbors. This leaves a large information gap with the tax records and that is where most of your automated value sites pull from. When you receive an estimate from a website they are looking at inaccurate numbers and faulty trends. This could leave you exposed in a tragedy such as a house fire or overpaying to the government. Try one of our products to get you started on the path to knowledge.

Free Home Valuation

The first offer is a computer genrated model that will use the methods I described, but you can see if the value is in the ballpark. We will do a brief follow-up to see if there is any information you want to add that may help determine a more accurate value. The choice will be your to respond or use the automatically generated value for your purposes.

Name Your Own Price

The second offer lets you name your own price. We have people looking for homes every day and with so few on the market it's possible that we may find you a buyer without having to even go through the listing process. We'll give you an analysis of the possibility of your home actually selling and provide information on what you can do to make it more of a reality.

Free Full Value Analysis

The third offer is a comprehensive analysis of your homes worth. We will take your initial questionairre and evaluate based on area knowledge and then schedule a subsequent visit to your home to actually view updates or issues to give you the most accurate value based on market conditions today.

There's never a better time to gain knowledge than the time you have in front of you. Let us help you with all your real estate needs.

Click here for an automated home evaluation
If you would like to receive an automated home evaluation in your email choose this option. If you feel that that the computer model value is incorrect you will be given an opportunity to povide furhter information to help determine a more accurate value.

Click here to name your own price
If you would like to ask a certain price for your home and see iof someone is willing to pay that price choose this option. If we believe you could ask more than your desired amount we will contact you and let you know. If someone is looking for a home in your price range and area we will contact you to see if you are still willing to sell.

Click here for a detailed home evaluation analysis.
If you are interested in knowing the most accurate value of your home compared to current market conditions choose this option. We will evaluate the information you provide along with public records to give you the most complete and accurate evaluation possible.